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A Letter

A follower of the site recently asked if we would post a letter she's sent to PM Trudeau. While does not support the position of any specific regional perspective over another, we're happy to support her by amplifying her message. We are all being...

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UK Electoral Reform

#ElectoralReform #ProportionalRepresentation  Not surprisingly, the same calls for Electoral Reform are sounding in the UK as they are here in Canada. In the last UK General Election the Conservatives won a resounding majority with ~44% of the popular vote. Less than...

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Why did London choose to abandon FPtP?

Unlock Democracy Canada is going to be studying why London Ontario decided to abandon the First Past the Post (FPtP) voting system in favour of ranked ballots in the 2018 election. The group recently announced they had reached (and surpassed) their funding goal. This...

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Electoral Reform in the Yukon

Some news about Electoral Reform in the Yukon. A far less grandiose promise was made in the 2016 Election by the eventual winner Sandy Silver, wherein the government would legislate fixed election dates and "strike a non-partisan Commission on Electoral Reform to...

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Jagmeet Singh / Chris Wattie/CP

NDP stand firm on need for Electoral Reform

The NDP are stalwart defenders and proponents of Electoral Reform. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh addressed the continued need to reform our electoral system. The big losers from this last election have to be the CPC, because they should have actually won it, but the NDP...

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